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The Luminary Awards seek to honour organisations who through sustained contribution (demonstrated over a period 3-5 years prior), have impacted our community on a national scale through visionary leadership, fearless trailblazing, high-level artistic practice, and championing of Australian repertoire.

Luminary Awards can be awarded for a range of activities including specific projects, activities, recordings or recording projects, or events undertaken by the organisation. Nominations for organisations should demonstrate excellence above and beyond the standard remit or mission of that organisation.

Nominations for Luminary Awards are made for activities which took place during the five years prior to the award (2019-2023). It understood that many organisations and artists have careers extending over many decades but in the interests of finding common assessable ground for our panels, we ask that your submission focuses on the past 3-5 years of activity only.

Winners of National Luminary Awards are not eligible to be nominated for three years following their award.
2023 Winner: Moorambilla Voices
2022 Winner: Australian Art Orchestra
2021 Winner: Speak Percussion

To nominate you need to be either a member of APRA AMCOS or the Australian Music Centre (AMC). At this stage, you just need to provide essential information about your nominee (category, work, name of nominee etc.) and write a short paragraph on why you're nominating this person, organisation, or work. We do not collect support materials at this stage, but we do ask for a contact email for the nominee if you know it.

For Luminary Awards, you have the option to make your nomination for the relevant State & Territory award at the same time. Please note that these nominations will form two separate nominations. You will be asked to provide a separate paragraph about the State & Territory nomination, the national nomination statement will not be used.

Once nominations close, we will contact all eligible nominees for support materials to add to their nomination. Depending on the category, these materials might include a score, recording, documentation of projects nominated, and/or documentation of consultation with relevant communities if Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) is used in the nominated work or activities.

Please note that you cannot self-nominate in any category. This includes organisations/people you work for, represent, or who work for you. You can only nominate once per category, but you can nominate in more than one category.

For more information, see the Rules and Guidelines or our FAQs page.

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To nominate you need to be either a member of APRA AMCOS (Composer, Author or Publisher member) or a financial member of the Australian Music Centre (AMC)

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