Koebi Faumui - Music as expression

NOMINATION: Luminary - Individual

NOMINATION: Luminary - Individual

The Luminary Awards seek to honour individuals who, through sustained contribution (demonstrated over a period 3-5 years prior), have impacted our community on a national scale through visionary leadership, fearless trailblazing, high-level artistic practice, and championing of Australian repertoire. Nominations for individuals should demonstrate a program of activities or a range of projects rather than (for example) the recording and release of a single album. Nominations for a single work or project should be made in the Work of the Year or Excellence categories.

If you believe you are nominated in the wrong category or the details of your nomination to be incorrect, please contact the AMC via email at awards@australianmusiccentre.com.au before proceeding with the nomination.

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Koebi Faumui

Nominated Project/Activity

Music as expression

Nominator Statement
Koebi is a singer/songwriter and music producer based in Canberra Australia. Being born into a family of musicians allowed him to experiment with various instruments and sounds and began writing, producing and recording at the age of 8. Over the past 13 years, hes performed with his two older siblings Kashia and Salale as The Faumuis and have recorded 10 original and 5 cover albums in that time. In 2020 Koebi embarked on a solo career releasing six singles and an EP

Possessing a passion for all kinds of music from old school to future-sounding electronic sounds, and everything in between, Koebi has also produced music with various charities highlighting societal challenges. In 2019 he collaborated with eight rappers to write a song about some of their personal mental health challenges, specifically their experiences around depression, anxiety and substance abuse. "Okay" was released in October with positive reviews, the track came to the attention of the federal health minister who wrote a letter of thanks outlining how the song affected him personally.

In 2015 Koebi along with his siblings joined their dad in a music program as a producer and teacher. The aim of the Booyah Project is to provide a safe, therapeutic environment that allows young people and adults to share their stories and utilises the arts of music production, songwriting and performance as ways in which they can express themselves. Participants have their songs professionally produced, recorded and ultimately perform their songs to their family and friends.

Koebi has taught guitar, music performance and music production over the past six years and has produced tracks with various artists, most notably Tony Rich, Timomatic, Archie Band, Groovy Daughter, Ragged Blossom, Hayden Smith and Citizen Kay.

In 2020 Koebi embarked on his solo career and released his debut single during the Covid period, "I Feel Like Shit" is a song about how he felt during the lockdown period. Whilst it was important to stay & positive during that time he wanted to acknowledge that the experience was difficult and challenging for many people, including himself. He followed that up with a song about love called What you'd say released in January 2021 and in May he collaborated with one of Australia's most talented rappers and hip hoppers Hayds to write A song about nothing.

Later that year he collaborated with a group of Year 4 Indigenous students from the Biri Gunanggu Program. The track Wassup My Mob was written, produced and recorded over a four month period and was released in a live performance in front of their family and friends.

In the first half of 2022 Koebi released two more singles, Good People and I know better working towards his first EP Something New '' which was released in December at Kambri ANU.

I've attached links to his music,media interviews and community projects..

Originals: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLODWUxgqlvLAvbdheafTARSSN8Fx8Ok2l

The Biri Gunanggu Aboriginal Boys Project: https://fb.watch/g8vQ3AxkPD/
The Okay Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFhYTWz0miM&ab_channel=StreetUniCanberra
The Booyah Project: https://thebooyahproject.bandcamp.com/

Recent interviews and media:

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